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We believe life depends on energy and we’ve taken steps to improve lives through innovation since our founding.


California Star Oil Works, a Chevron predecessor, hits pay dirt in Pico Canyon and gives birth to the California oil industry. Steam-powered technology utilized by California Star Oil Works takes the place of primitive solutions like saplings and rudimentary drill bits, leading to California’s ?rst commercially productive well.


After months of hard work, technical difficulties and budget constraints, the Texas oil boom kicks off when Captain Anthony Lucas strikes a close to 100,000-barrel-a-day gusher at Spindletop.


Standard Oil develops Red Crown aviation gasoline, the ?rst gasoline in the U.S. speci?cally designed for aviation use. Red Crown powers the aircraft that Charles Lindbergh ?ies across the Atlantic.


After three years of unsuccessful drilling and mechanical problems in Saudi Arabia, Geologist Max Steineke urges his team to persevere – and it ?nally pays off on March 3. With the Arab Zone providing the main source of Saudi Arabia’s oil still today, Steineke’s discovery has enormous implications for the Middle Eastern oil market.


Gulf Oil Corp. and Texaco Inc. work as a part of a consortium of U.S. oil companies. Researchers develop a 3D seismic data-processing method, an innovation which helps vet prospective oil ?elds as well as rejuvenate existing ?elds. In the following decades, Chevron continues to use 3D visualization technology, reducing the risk of dry wells and drilling unnecessary wells, minimizing our environmental impact.


Chevron discovers Kuito Field, Angola’s ?rst deepwater ?eld. Over the next ?ve years, Chevron makes signi?cant discoveries and becomes the nation’s largest petroleum producer.


In cooperation with Chevron, a Boeing 787 powered by low-carbon biofuel flies from San Francisco to Zurich. Chevron is the first U.S. oil energy major to tie greenhouse gas emissions to executive compensation and commits to reducing methane emissions intensity by 20 to 25 percent from 2016 to 2023.


Chevron Technology Ventures invests in ChargePoint, Carbon Engineering, and Natron Energy, innovators in electric vehicles and carbon dioxide air abatement. As the world needs more forms of energy, Chevron remains focused on improving current sources to reduce environmental impact.

As we create the future of energy, our commitment to take on challenges, operate responsibly and engage in conversations about where we’re headed will not change.

Finding the answers to the world’s most complex energy challenges won’t be easy – but you can count on us to be there.

Published: May 2019